Keep up to date with everything about the Rugged Red and the Red River Gorge!

Where are the races?

Both the Ascent 5k and the Rugged Red Half Marathon will start and finish at the Natural Bridge Campground, just off of the Slade exit in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky.  You can stay at the campground (including the onsite cabins) for easiest access to the starting line.

Where do I park?

There will be parking available in a grass lot at the campground.  We suggest carpooling as much as possible.  

What do I wear/bring?

The most important things here are water and shoes.  Be sure to have water on you.  We will have refill stations, but you will need a bottle or container (CamelBak, etc.).  Make sure your shoes have some trail tread.  There are steep and slick spots.  Depending on your comfort, anything from minimalist trail runners to hiking boots can work, but you will want something that provides traction.  The course may be muddy, but there is only one true creek crossing and it is at the end.  

What about spectators?

You are welcome to bring friends and family to cheer you on, however there is only limited access to the course so it will be mostly at the start and finish.

Can I bring my dog, kids, strollers, etc?

During the race, no pets will be allowed on the course.  They are welcome at the campground as long as they are on a leash.  This course is not compatible with strollers or small children, but the campground is a wonderful place for your little ones to cheer for you.  If you have any specific questions about accessibility or accommodations, please reach out to us.