To our Rugged Red Runners, We checked the trails this morning and due to last night’s heavy rain and mess and 2 more nights with expected heavy rains, the trails cannot be in shape by Saturday. We have no choice but to reschedule to Saturday, November 6th. This year and last has been a huge struggle to figure out how to best do our Rugged Red Trail Half Marathon for our Rugged Red Runners. My decision so far has been totally considering your safety as a runner due to COVID and adverse weather conditions. We hope that we will continue to have your support and that you as runners will be able to enjoy the Rugged Red for years to come. I’m nearly 80 years old and the Rugged Red is mine and your baby and I want to keep it going as long as I possibly can. The Rugged Red came late in my life but has been one of the most enjoyable things that I have ever done. Thank you for your support throughout these years. Since it has been pushed back to November 6th, we are hoping we might be able to re-open registration next week. We’ll keep you posted. Sincerely, Joe Bowen/ Your Race Director