This year is different than anything we’ve been through, but we will get through this. Because of COVID-19 Safety Concerns and local, state and federal CDC requirements, The RUGGED RED is going to be different too. THERE WILL BE NO ORGANIZED RUN ON SEPT 26th. No buses, No large groups. The 2020 Rugged Red is going to be a VIRTUAL Trail Half Marathon this year. This event is a huge fundraiser for the Search and Rescue Teams of the Red River Gorge Area, so we hope you will stick with us.To earn your medal , you still must do a half marathon and do it on a trail. Be Rugged and Wear RED. This run is about you. You are tough. Do your race, your way and send or post a picture to the Rugged Red Facebook Page.  Download your Rugged Red Bib number, Do your run, Send in the “I did it !” confirmation, and we will have your “No Stopping Me – COVID-19!”, Rugged Red T-Shirt and 2020 Medal shipped to you. Share a picture of your forest, your roots, and rocks, and creeks that you ran through for this year’s Rugged Red Trail Half Marathon and maybe even do it with a Turtle! 

Part of the Red River Gorge Rugged Red is done on the Sheltowee Trace. If you know the Daniel Boone Story, you know that he was captured by Indians on part of this trail and when Chief Black Fish saw him with his big backpack full of salt , he called Daniel Boone, Sheltowee or Big Turtle. That’s why you see the turtle symbol stamped on the trees when you are on this trail, and that’s why the turtle is on the medal you earn when running through these beautiful and Rugged Red Mountains.

We love hearing you say “COVID -19 is not stopping Me!”  So Be creative and send in a picture to show that you ran your trail half marathon You can use the picture of you on your trail with your last Rugged Red Medal, or medals, or you can share a picture of a turtle ring, or knickknack on the trail, do  a cardboard cut out, or even send a picture of a real turtle you helped across the road if you want ! Just do your run , your way, Stay Healthy and Have Fun.